Preschool Featured in Positive Communities

In Tamika Scott's classroom at The North Ward Center Child Development Center in Newark, a gaggle of preschoolers is seated on a rug, with their hands neatly folded on their laps.

Scott asks the children about the weather. One boy raises his hand and tells Scott that it's cold and rainy. She hands him a marker and he steps to a weather chart and colors in a grid.

After a few more questions, Scott tells the children it's time to sing. They jump up and clap their hands excitedly as Scott leads them in a song about the seasons.

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Luis Muñoz Marin Students Deliver Valentines to Casa Israel

Students in an afterschool program at the Luis Muñoz Marin School on Broadway in Newark hand-delivered home-made Valentine's Day cards to seniors at Casa Israel Adult Medical Day Care Center.

"We are here to spread love and friendship," said Ozzie Mendoza, program coordinator for ASPIRA, which runs the after-school program at Luis Muñoz Marin School. "This is one of the things that we do to get the kids into the community and create a connection between the younger and older generations."

The clients at Casa Israel were delighted to receive the cards, smiling and conversing with the students who came to visit.

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Statement on Passing of Rutgers Professor Clement Price

NEWARK – Nov. 6, 2014 – Steve Adubato Sr., the founder of the North Ward Center, and Adrianne Davis, the Co-Founder and Executive Director, issued the following statement on the passing of Rutgers University Professor Clement Price.

"Professor Clem Price was a remarkable man who left an indelible mark on Newark. No one had a firmer grasp of Newark's history or a better appreciation for how it continues to shape the city to this day. Dr. Price's wisdom and insight will surely be missed, but his legacy will remain for future generations seeking to understand our city. Our condolences go out to his wife, Mary Sue Sweeney Price, and his family."

Robert Treat Academy’s North Campus Named in Honor of Founder

The North Ward campus of Robert Treat Academy Charter School in Newark has been named in honor of its founder, Stephen N. Adubato, Sr.

A new sign on the school bearing Adubato's name was unveiled during The North Ward Center's 13th Annual Gala held Friday, October 24 at the school. The Gala raised funds for the expansion of Robert Treat Academy's Jackie Robinson Campus in Newark's Central Ward.

"More than anyone else, Steve is responsible for the creation of Robert Treat Academy," said Adrianne Davis, the Executive Director of The North Ward Center. "Without Steve's vision and leadership, there would be no Robert Treat Academy."

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The North Ward Center Family Success Center Helps Students Become U.S. Citizens

Since it began offering classes last year, The North Ward Family Success Center has helped more than a dozen students become naturalized citizens of the United States.

The Center launched the free citizenship preparation classes in November 2013 to help immigrants from Newark successfully pass the U.S. Naturalization Test, which has reading, writing and speaking components. Passing the test is a requirement of citizenship.

"We concentrate on teaching our participants the skills they will need to answer the 100 civics questions as well as pronouncing the English words in the civics test," said Wilson Martinez, the director of the Family Success Center. "We also teach them how to answer the personal questions."

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Robert Treat Academy Recognized As High-Performing Rewards School

Read this article as it originally appeared in Newark Patch | Local Talk News

The Robert Treat Academy Charter School in Newark was designated as a "High-Performing Rewards School," for the 2013-14 school year by the state Department of Education.

In recognition of the K-8 school's status as an "exemplar of Title I schools," the DOE awarded the school with a $52,025 Title I School Rewards Grant that can be used to sustain and enhance the school's Title I program.

"We are certainly pleased to be recognized for the third year in a row as a high performing rewards school by the state," said Principal Theresa Adubato. "It is quite an honor to be held out an as exemplar school. This is a testament to all the hard work by our staff and our students."

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Robert Treat Academy Charter School Graduates Tenth Class

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The Robert Treat Academy Charter School in Newark held its tenth annual commencement exercises Thursday in the dramatic setting of the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Parents, siblings and classmates cheered as the 45 graduates received their diplomas from the K-8 Blue Ribbon school widely considered to be one of the highest-performing elementary schools in the state.

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Robert Treat Academy Featured in the Asbury Park Press

Lessons to Fix Asbury Park Schools

Read this article as it originally appeared in the Asbury Park Press

At Robert Treat Academy Charter School in Newark, poverty, single-parent homes and neighborhood crime are no excuse for poor academic performance. In fact, the school’s administration requires all 600 students to attend school until 5 p.m., as well as mandatory Saturday instruction.

Students walk the school’s hardwood halls in Kelly green and khaki uniforms as Principal Theresa Adubato directs girls to pull their socks up and boys to walk with their hands at their sides.

The teachers, Adubato said, spend more time at school than they do at home.

But in a city like Newark, saturated with gun violence and home to high numbers of immigrants and broken families, this is what it takes, she said.

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North Ward Center Hosts Discussion on History of Forest Hill

The North Ward Center hosted a community event featuring a discussion and slideshow presentation by the authors of a new book on the history of the Forest Hill neighborhood.

Catharine Longendyck, a retired corporate executive and lifelong resident of Forest Hill, and Kathleen P. Galop, an attorney and principal of a historic preservation consulting firm, spoke to about 50 people on Saturday, April 5 about their new book Forest Hill (Images of America Series) published by Arcadia Publishing.

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North Ward Center Child Development Center Hosts Workshops on Newark’s Universal Enrollment

The North Ward Center Child Development Center in Newark hosted workshops for parents of preschoolers who had questions about Newark Public School’s new universal enrollment procedures.

The workshops were offered this week in English and Spanish at four locations for parents of children enrolled in the North Ward Center Child Development Center, a highly regarded preschool operated by The North Ward Center.

“We were getting a lot of questions from our parents about the new enrollment procedures, so we decided to host these workshops to provide as much information and help as we could,” said Michele Sceppaguercio, director of the North Ward Center Child Development Center.

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