WATCH: Sweeney Connects with Newark’s North Ward (VIDEO) At Adubato’s Night of Hope

NEWARK – At his worst, Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) as a 2017 Democratic gubernatorial candidate appears helplessly handcuffed to a heartbreaking handicap, namely a Republican governor gurgling at 26%; for Sweeney the consequence of numerous photo ops over the years that have the prez in too cozy a proximity to the all but bottomed-out Governor Chris Christie. But Sweeney – at the very least and in addition to his own considerable labor heft – has the advantage of close ties and adequate jumping room to get through those same hula hoops that all prior gubernatorial candidates cleared on their way to Drumthwacket.

Among those fixtures on the obligatory obstacle course stands the North Ward Center in Newark, where Christie himself rushed in 2009 to heap goodwill on Steve Adubato, Sr. in a play to break then-incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine’s hold on the boss’s heart strings. Christie proved an effective romancer, prompting Adubato to proudly pronounce, in the aftermath of the former U.S. Attorney’s statewide victory – that Christie was, after all, “Italian.”

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By Max Pizarro | 05/11/16