Casa Israel Adult Medical Daycare

Casa Israel, an adult medical day care center, serves 120 clients daily.

Casa Israel was started with the idea that our seniors should receive medical and social services in an atmosphere that allows for their dignity and self-esteem to remain intact.

The facility provides the highest quality care, as well as therapeutic and recreational services to Medicaid clients and other eligible adults.

Clients receive transportation to and from Casa Israel, health monitoring by our nursing staff, transportation to the offices of physicians and therapists, nutritious meals, recreational activities, and social services. Casa Israel adds quality to the lives of our clients and their families, by providing the necessary support to maintain their independence and to remain productive members of their communities.

The North Ward Center's Casa Israel Adult Medical Day Care Center currently has openings for Medicaid eligible and private individuals. For information concerning your eligibility, please stop by or call us.

For information call: 973-481-0415 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Fax: 973-481-1573.